Monday, February 14, 2011

Static and Dynamic Progression

My Philosophy of Distance Education

I had never considered having a philosophy of distance education before this class. As I reflect on my philosophy of teaching, my distance education beliefs are not far from the values that I embrace in the traditional classroom. The ideology that tilts the continuum for me is technology. Distance learning is wrapped up in how technology literate the teacher and the pupil is and strives to become. Every objective is met using some digital assessment tool, and how well you are able to use that tool (and connect it to content) determines the level of progress made.

When it comes to static and dynamic tools in the distance classroom, I am progressively developing the skills on tool selection, tool manipulation, and tool integration in the distance learning environment that will allow my students interact with content and abstract ideas about the content being covered. I see myself moving more toward dynamic tools in technology integration that support the learning of my students and promote social change and academic growth.